Wireless Tally Controllers


The Wireless Tally Controller enables you to have a tally light on a mobile or studio camera without a tally light cable to the Tally controller.
This allows the camera operator and talent to know when that camera is live on a mobile or studio unit.

There are 2 Transmitter units available, a 4 camera input (T-4) and an 8 camera input (T-8).

This adapter works directly with our Tally Controllers and Tally Lights system.

Just plug the transmitter cable (50ft length) into our controller and the receiver cable (6ft length) into our tally light, turn it on and you have approximatly 1000ft of wireless range.

On a NewTek Tricaster (execpt the PRO) all you need is a wireless transmitter, receiver and tally light to make it work.

The transmitter is powered by a 110v plugin or a USB port (if available) on one cable.

Wireless Transmitter

The receiver is powered by a 9v battery. The receiver has a low battery light indicator (light turns from green to red) to let you know when the 
WirelessRecSMTESTbattery needs to be changed. 

Wireless Tally Receiver (One required for each camera/tally light)

Our clients say . . . .

The investment we made in this was worth every penny!.

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